MBDA’s Shoulder Launched Enforcer Close to Mass Production

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MBDA’s Shoulder Launched Enforcer Close to Mass Production
MBDA’s shoulder-launched, lightweight, high-precision missile system Enforcer will enter mass production as the company finishes pilot batch production.

MBDA Deutschland has announced that it has developed a version of the anti-tank Enforcer capable of engaging aerial targets. The relevant announcement was made on October 27 during a press conference. The anti-tank version of the Enforcer by the German Army will soon enter service.


In its anti-tank version, the Enforcer is single-use, with a minimum range of 100 meters and a maximum range of 2 kilometres. It incorporates a multipurpose warhead and is of Fire-and-Forget technology, while it can lock on a target before launch. It includes a passive seeker and can be used against various targets, such as vehicles, personnel and buildings, during day and night and under any weather conditions. The missile and launcher combined weigh less than 12 kg. 

Since December 2019, Enforcer has been under contract with Germany. The product is prepared to meet Germany’s requirement for a lightweight, day/night, precision-guided weapon system with a range of more range. Initial deliveries of the serial version of the missile to the Bundeswehr are planned for 2024.

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