Israel Uses F-35I “Adir” to Shoot Down Cruise Missile

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Israel Uses F-35I “Adir” to Shoot Down Cruise Missile
The Israel Defence Forces (IDF) released video footage showing F-35I Adir fighter jets shooting down a cruise missile.

The IDF’s F-35i intercepted a cruise missile crossing the Red Sea. It was discovered later that it was an Iranian-made “Quds-4” land attack cruise missile, most probably launched by the Houthis in Yemen. IDF has not declared what type of missile the F-35I used to destroy the cruise missile. However, Israel’s stealth fighters are known to be armed with air-to-air missiles such as AIM-9X Sidewinder and Aim-120 AMRAAM.

The moment just before the cruise missile is hit.

“In recent days, a cruise missile was detected by the control and detection systems of the Air Force, which was launched from the southeast towards the airspace of the State of Israel. The systems followed the trajectory of the cruise missile and launched fighter jets from the “Adir” formation, which successfully intercepted it.” the IDF said on November 2nd, releasing a video of the incident.

IDF did not specify the launch site. 

Israel’s F-35s were declared operational in 2017 and were used in combat in 2018 for the first time. Israel signed a deal to buy 25 more aircraft in July. The country will eventually have 75 fifth-generation aircraft.

Although this is the first time an F-35 is known to have destroyed a cruise missile, the capability has long been discussed.

The Trump administration’s Missile Defence Review, released in January 2019, called for the F-35 to be developed and armed for an ICBM interception mission. 


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