Iran Unveils Sayyad Air Defence Missile System

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Iran Unveils Sayyad Air Defence Missile System
Iran unveiled its new air defence system Sayyad. This system can simultaneously detect and attack targets, according to state-run news agency Tasnim.

Iranian Deputy Minister of Defense for Research and Industrial Affairs, Afshin Naderi Sharif, stated that the Tactical Sayyad missile system can detect up to 24 targets within 180 km while simultaneously engaging 6 to 12 of these targets within a radius of 120 km.

Sharif emphasized that the Tactical Sayyad is designed to engage medium-altitude air targets. 

The Sayyad has an integrated self-protection system against low-altitude threats.

Previously, at the Army-2023 Military-Technical Forum in Moscow, Russia, Iran introduced the Sayyad Tactical system as a scale model.

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