Iran’s New Vessel Creates Suspicion

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Iran’s New Vessel Creates Suspicion
Iran shared photos of the new destroyer IRIS Deylaman, which will operate in the Caspian Sea, where Iran maintains solid naval forces.

The Deylaman is the fifth of the locally designed Moudge/Mowj class, but its size suggests a corvette or even an OPV as it displaces around 1,500 tons. It has a fixed panel AESA radar, which is considered ineffective.
The vessel brings together many domestically designed systems, and now, with a fixed-panel AESA radar, four sides, while the previous version was rotating. It is stated that the AESA radar has resistance to electronic countermeasures.

According to the photos shared, the vessel has eight Noor anti-ship missiles, a 76 mm naval gun, a 30 mm triple gun for CIWS, two triple torpedo tubes, and secondary guns, while there is room in the bow for vertical launch cells for Shayed 2/3 anti-aircraft missiles. The armament and size create confusion as the Caspian Sea is a closed sea which is not large enough to operate OPV. The sea is not deep enough to operate ships with significant displacement. The radar under metal sheets is relatively ineffective.
Iran has shared missile photos that were multiplied on Photoshop in the past.

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