Iran Displays its Hypersonic Ballistic Missile Fattah

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Iran Displays its Hypersonic Ballistic Missile Fattah
Iran has demonstrated its first hypersonic ballistic missile, named Fattah. Iran claims that the missile might penetrate enemy missile defence systems.

Iranian media say the Fattah missile can fly at the speed of up to Mach 15. Its range is up to 1,400 km, and has a removable secondary nozzle. The missile uses a solid propellent for high manoeuvrability.
State media on Tuesday published photos of Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps (IRGC) President Ebrahim Raisi and senior commanders with the hypersonic missile.
IRGC aerospace chief Amir Ali Hajizadeh announced the hypersonic missile development programme in November 2022. In November, Hajizadeh said the new missile represents a "generational leap" for Iran's missile technology as it can manoeuvre inside and outside the Earth's atmosphere and penetrate any missile defence system.

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"Other missiles cannot hit the Fattah because it travels in a different direction and at a different altitude," he said on Tuesday.

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