Indonesia’s KF-21 prototype made its first flight

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Indonesia’s KF-21 prototype made its first flight
KAI’s fifth KF-21 Boramae prototype jet completed its maiden flight on May 16, 2023. The fighter will belong to Indonesia.



Korea Aerospace Industries (KAI) pilots flew this single-seat aircraft for 45 minutes. The sixth prototype, the first two-seat (tandem) version, will make its maiden flight next month.
The first prototype successfully conducted its maiden flight on July 19, 2022. 
The fifth prototype (KF-21 005) will later be handed over to Indonesia if it has fulfilled the down payments it is responsible for. Indonesia is reportedly making new payments for the KF-21 program at the end of June 2023. This payment is a continuation of the previous payment in November 2022 after four years of delay.
As a partner country in the KF-21 project, Indonesia has agreed to bear around 20 per cent of the total development project cost of 6.5 billion USD.


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