Indian Navy in the Mediterranean
The winds of change in the region have brought negative consequences for Greece. Athens is now looking for a solution further away.

Greece conducted Passage Exercise (PASSEX) with Indian Navy vessels. During the activities carried out in the eastern part of the island of Crete, communication, electronic warfare and advanced manoeuvres were also experienced.
Athens, which has been in close military relations with Europe and the United States, particularly France, for a long time, is now facing a reversal. The new policy that Turkiye has started following after the elections plays a role in this relations change. Turkiye's more outward-looking moves also strengthen Ankara's hand in the region. The isolation of Macron in France, enhancing ties with Egypt in the Eastern Mediterranean, and Israel's orientation towards the Turkish Exclusive Economic Zone map, which is much more scientifically based on hydrocarbon deposits and seems more profitable for it, are also essential factors.
For India, the event also responds to the Turkiye-Pakistan bilateral relations. India supports Armenia in its border dispute with Azerbaijan and is a rival of China, an ally of Pakistan. The country, however, loses some partners from its alliance, such as UAE, which wants to deepen relations with Turkiye. India approaches another Rafale customer country, Greece. 
France, which is behind the scenes, pits NATO members Turkiye and Greece against each other. However, this is also against the spirit of the North Atlantic Pact. 

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