India's New Destroyer INS Imphal (D68) Launched BrahMos

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India's New Destroyer INS Imphal (D68) Launched BrahMos
India's P15B Guided Missile Destroyer, INS Imphal (D68), launched the BrahMos anti-ship missile. The destroyer will soon be commissioned by the Indian Navy.

INS Imphal is the third ship of the Visakhapatnam class stealth-guided missile destroyer, which is being developed at Mazagon Dock Limited (MDL), India. This 7,400-ton ship was launched on April 20, 2019, and its first sea trials began on April 28, 2023.
Visakhapatnam class destroyers are also classified as P-15 Bravo class (P-15B). These ships are improved derivatives of their predecessors, the Kolkata class.

INS-Imphal test launches Brahmos.jpg

This ship can sail non-stop for 45 days, carrying 300 sailors, including 50 crew members.
For anti-surface warfare (ASuW) missions, the ship is equipped with 16 BrahMos anti-ship cruise missiles. India and Russia jointly developed this supersonic missile. The missile is equipped with an active radar tracking system and is guided by satellites. The missile has a 200 kg warhead and a speed of Mach 4.

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