India Buys 400 Indigenously Made 155 mm Towed Howitzers

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India Buys 400 Indigenously Made 155 mm Towed Howitzers
The Indian Army has proposed to the Indian Ministry of Defence to acquire 400 howitzers from local manufacturers.

The Indian Army's Artillery Regiment aims to utilise domestic industrial expertise to produce a 155 mm/52 calibre towed howitzer system requiring characteristics such as reduced weight, increased versatility, and adaptability to future technological advances.
According to senior military officials, a proposal has been forwarded to the Defence Ministry to purchase 400 towed howitzers and accompanying towing vehicles from Indian companies.
Earlier, the Indian Army had issued a tender for acquiring a similar amount of Advanced Towed Artillery Gun Systems (ATAGS) and was exploring options for mounted gun systems to meet its requirements along the borders with China and Pakistan.
This tender aims to produce howitzers entirely from India. Over the past decade, four contracts have been executed to acquire 155 mm howitzers. These weapon systems include the Dhanush, Sharang, Ultra-Light Howitzer (ULH), and K-9 Vajra Self-Propelled Gun (SPG).
Seven regiments have been equipped with ULH, and five regiments have been equipped with K-9 SPG weapons.

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