IAI To Provide Electro-Optics to the Thai Navy

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IAI To Provide Electro-Optics to the Thai Navy
The Royal Thai Navy signed a contract with the Israeli IAI for six MINI POP electro-optical systems for patrol vessels.

What ships will use the small-sized electro-optical system wasn’t specified, and it is difficult to predict as Thailand operates a diverse range of OPVs and smaller patrol vessels.

Four OPVs are among the most recently commissioned vessels, while the smaller patrol vessels with displacements ranging from 200 to 500 tons are considerably older.

MINI POP is mainly developed for naval applications for observation and target tracking purposes. MINI POP’s small size and weight of 13 kg allow it to be used as either a standalone system or part of a Remote-Controlled Weapon System. The system includes an HD Day Camera, a Medium-Wavelength Infrared MWIR (MWIR) Camera and a laser rangefinder with up to 20 km range.

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