Hisar Class OPVs Count Down for Launching

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Hisar Class OPVs Count Down for Launching
ASFAT constructs two Hisar Class OPVs at the same shipyard. Both OPVs are counting down for the launch, while TCG Akhisar will take the lead.

Emre Koray Gençsoy, Director of Naval Programs at Defence Ministry’s ASFAT A.Ş., announced on his Linkedin account that the first ship of the Offshore Patrol Vehicle Project (ADKG1) TCG Aksihar is near launch. 
Gençsoy wrote, “15 months after the sheet metal cutting, most of its equipment is in place and connected, the ship is ready to launch, with electricity to the main and distribution panels, and awaits the ceremony date. Proving over and over again that warships can be built at the highest level in such a short time; We would like to thank all our teammates, the valuable teams and commanders of the Istanbul Shipyard Command (ITK), and all our stakeholders who were a part of this success.”
He also gave last month a piece of information about the second ship of ADKG Project TCG Koçhisar. Gençsoy noted; 

TCG Koçhisar TurDef.jpg
“Construction and equipment activities continue uninterruptedly at TCG KOÇHİSAR. The main engines, gearbox and electric drive motors have been placed today. In addition, the equipment of the stern auxiliary engine block, which is equipped on the ground, will also be placed at the equipment station next to the slipway. This block, which is equipped on the ground, will also take its place on the sledge next week. It is planned to launch TCG KOÇHİSAR shortly after TCG AKHİSAR. 
To all our stakeholders, especially our teammates and ITK personnel, who run to the target set, including the weekend, Thank you for your effort and struggle to keep up with this challenging calendar.”

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