Hisar A Acceptance is Completed, Hisar O Acceptances Begin Next Week

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Hisar A  Acceptance is Completed, Hisar O Acceptances Begin Next Week
The ASELSAN Strategic Partnership Meeting was launched at a ceremony in Ankara

Görgün delivered an introductory speech and explained the corporate structure. According to Görgün, ASELSAN employs 9116 people. With national capacity, 408 goods are manufactured with national capacity. The IDEF 2021 exhibition included 176 nationalised items. Görgün also provided information on the strategic partners that served as the meeting's foundation. "In 2020, we ordered $265 million to our strategic partners," Görgün stated. By 2021, the number of our key partners will have grown to 75." Görgün said in Sum: “ASELSAN is the world's 48th biggest defence industry company. It had a turnover of 16.1 billion TL in 2020, our company closed the year 2020 with historical record levels in terms of both TL and USD. We have increased our human resources, which we value very much while growing, by 68% in the last 4 years, and we have reached a qualified workforce of more than 9 thousand. We have made new investments and we continue to do so. As of today, there are more than 5 thousand suppliers, more than 3 thousand of which are domestic, in the ASELSAN supplier ecosystem. In the last 10 years, our orders to SMEs have increased approximately six times. Since 2018, we have nationalized over 400 products with the efforts of you, our esteemed suppliers. On this occasion, we have ensured that size of approximately 150 million USD remains in our country.”

Hisar A  Acceptance is Completed, Hisar O Acceptances Begin Next Week

Following Görgün's remarks, the Aselsan Future Vision Panel began.

Osman Devrim Fidancı, Deputy General Manager of Business Development and Marketing, took the floor and discussed the company's global network. "We have offices, repair and maintenance and modernization centres in 12 locations overseas, with approximately 100 workers," Fidancı added. We signed a 500 million USD international sales contract last year. We were able to offer items to 14 additional countries in 2019-2020 and 2021. We have now reached 71 countries. Quality comes to the fore in 32% of customers’ choices.”

Hisar A  Acceptance is Completed, Hisar O Acceptances Begin Next Week

Representing the Aselsan Communications and Information Technologies Sector Presidency, Dr Orhan Muratoğlu said, “Our Presidency is a manufacturing-oriented sector. Delays in suppliers can also cause delays in the products of another sector presidency. That’s why we ask our suppliers to focus on risk management.”

Aselsan REHIS Sector President Oğuz Şener said, “Our projects have technical depth. We are working on the platform. Our spectrum is very broad. We develop technology together with our solution partners. We are a humble team of 700 people. Now we can compete abroad as well. We are now able to use our systems in the field. We’ve come a long way in hardware technologies. Algorithms and software will further develop in our systems. In 2022, we will focus on open-source architectures and systems.”

Hisar A  Acceptance is Completed, Hisar O Acceptances Begin Next Week

Behçet Karataş, Head of Aselsan Defence System Technologies Sector, said, “We have almost 70% domestic rate in terms of payload in naval systems. HISAR-A+ acceptances have been completed. Acceptance of the HISAR-O system will also begin this weekend. Our work on SIPER has been going on for two years. There will be some additional configuration changes. We have transferred data underwater thanks to our “akustica” system.

Mustafa Kaval, head of ASELSAN Mikro Elektronik guidance and electro-optics sector said, CATS passed a critical test last week. Performance has reached a certain level. All our forces have decided to procure this system, as it has surpassed the expectations. We want to be among the top 10 in the world in the field of E/O. We started to put our uncooled spindle sensors into products.

Hisar A  Acceptance is Completed, Hisar O Acceptances Begin Next Week

Agreements were signed between Aselsan and Halkbank for the supplier financing system. Thanks to this signature, Halkbank will not ask for additional collateral from the company, which has become the strategic supplier of ASELSAN. This status gained with ASELSAN will be considered sufficient.

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