Hellenic Navy, from Chaos to Strategy

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Hellenic Navy, from Chaos to Strategy
Hellenic Navy re-organises its order plans for its equipment programs while FDI, corvettes, MEKO, Type 214, and LCS are on the table.

Recent months were chaotic for the Hellenic Navy. News published at online sectoral publications indicated that U.S.-made frigates with lower prices than European competitors were negotiated. Greek Prime Minister Kyriakos Mitsotakis, Ministers of Defence Nicholas Dendias and Minister of State Stavros Papastavros discussed the equipment programs of the Navy, which have slowed down in recent months, mainly due to high costs. According to the business and economy publication powergame.gr, the decisions are as follows: The intention to buy three (up to four) corvettes, with two contenders, Naval Group and Fincantieri, is frozen for the near future.

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Procedures are being accelerated to reach the signing of a contract with the contractors TKMS-Thales Netherlands for the MEKO class frigate Upgrade. The cooperation of TKMS with Skaramaga Shipyards, where they will undertake the work, is highlighted here, while the recent Mitsotakis-Soltz meeting in Berlin was necessary for the routing of the relevant issues.
The type 214 Submarine upgrade project is also being promoted to be undertaken by TKMS (ThyssenKrupp Marine Systems), again with the prospect of execution in Skaramanga.
The effort to acquire LCS ships that the US Navy retires ( four to six) is evolving, which will cover gaps in the Fleet. Here, the assurance is given that the vessels will have solved their technical problems. While the acquisition cost is under discussion, they may be granted or sold at 100 million euros per vessel, depending on the negotiation.
Hellenic Navy will not request the 4th frigate FDI HN due to high cost, although the Naval Group side has informally given some extension to the option that formally expired last June.

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