HAVELSAN’s MAIN GPT AI To be Launched Soon

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HAVELSAN’s MAIN GPT AI To be Launched Soon
HAVESLSAN will launch its new AI model, MAIN AI, on the 1st of February 2024 for state and military use.

MAIN, standing for Multi-functional Artificial Intelligence Network, will have features such as summarising data in seconds, collecting information from open sources, and coding with user inputs when a change is needed.

Currently, the AI only works with a text prompt, but images and documents will be added in the later phases to extend the reach of user input analysis.

As stated before, the AI will be open for state and military use only for the time being. In fact, HAVELSAN will take a different approach to data storage to increase security. During an interview with Anadolu Agency, HAVELSAN’s Information and Communication Systems Product Engineer Osman Kavaf underlined that what separates MAIN GPT will be using hardware to store data instead of the cloud.

Multi-functional AI programs can potentially speed up processes such as research, scientific or bureaucratic reports, and even conceptual design phases in engineering. This potential can be credited to the data analysis rate and adaptation to the user’s problem and approach.

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