HAVELSAN Presents Submersible Suicide USV DAY KİDA at IDEF

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HAVELSAN Presents Submersible Suicide USV DAY KİDA at IDEF
HAVELSAN presents a new member that joins the digital troops family at IDEF. The new member is a submersible unmanned vehicle equipped with high-explosives.

The new vehicle will an autonomous in naval warfare with suicide attack capabilities. Its underwater mobility enables silent and unexpected strikes against surface targets to provide Anti-Access and Area Denial (A2AD).
The unmanned submersible has autonomous 3D navigation capabilities, allowing it to manoeuvre both on the surface and underwater. Its precise autonomous navigation system ensures optimal performance, with the ability to navigate independently in three dimensions. The system operates in complex maritime environments to maintain operational advantage over adversaries.
Additionally, the system is integrated into network-supported combat management systems where recognised maritime picture systems enhance operational capability and facilitate enhanced situational awareness and decision-making. By interoperability with other unmanned platforms, the submersible expands its versatility, enabling collaborative missions for maximum impact. Leveraging advanced task management based on ADVENT Combat Management System, DAY KİDA optimises mission execution through resource allocation, intelligent task prioritisation, and adaptive decision-making in dynamic operational environments.

Day KIDA Sancar TurDef.jpg
The submersible reaches surface speeds of over 60 knots. Compared to UAVs, the system has extended patrolling capabilities, maintains high readiness, and carries out surveillance for extended periods. 
Compared to torpedoes, the system is a cost-effective solution without compromising effectiveness. Its capability for swarm/group attacks and extended underwater duration provide tactical engagement advantages.
Compared to traditional sea mines, the submersible offers remote real-time target selection and grants operators precise remote explosive control. It is also insensitive to Mine Countermeasures carried out by surface warships, such as minimising acoustic or magnetic signatures, ensuring its potency in disrupting enemy forces.

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