HAVELSAN Delivers DBDS-P to Preveze Submarine

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HAVELSAN Delivers DBDS-P to Preveze Submarine
HAVELSAN, Preveze Class Submarine Combat Informatıon Centre (MÜREN-PREVEZE) Project passed an important milestone. The submarine information distribution system DBDS-P is installed on Preveze Submarine and passed port and sea tests. HAVELSAN delivered the entire system to the Turkish Navy.

Submarines need to receive data from different sensors and distribute it to the relevant units to navigate safely and perform other operational tasks without interruption.

HAVELSAN DBDS, a submarine information distribution system, collects platform and tactical sensor data. HAVELSAN DBDS is a service provider system that distributes data to all submarines' subsystem needs to function safely and effectively. HAVELSAN DBDS is the heart of the submarine with its features; Specially designed for use in different submarines, it is installed as an Information Distribution System in many submarines.

HAVELSAN Delivers DBDS-P to Preveze Submarine

High-Speed ​​Platform and Tactical Sensor Data Collection and Prioritization

Distributing Data to Different Clients in Different Formats and Firmness

Data Control with Private Data Processing Algorithm (VIA)

Low Data Latency (& lt; 250 us)

Support for ILS Activities;

Data Record

Data Play

Data Migration

Data Analysis

Reliable and redundant design works 7/24

Fully Compatible with Variable Environmental Conditions

HAVELSAN Delivers DBDS-P to Preveze Submarine

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