Hamas Kills 21 IDF Personnel in Gaza

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Hamas Kills 21 IDF Personnel in Gaza
IDF announced the death of 21 IDF personnel following an attack by Hamas using RPGs on a tank and nearby soldiers.

The tank was targeted with RPGs, and right after the attack on the tank, a nearby building was blown up, resulting in deaths. Because of the explosion’s intensity, the building might have been packed with explosives. IDF states that when the explosion happened, soldiers were inside or near the building.
A video footage released by Hamas shows that the RPGs used in the attacks are tandem HEAT warhead types. Hamas is making its own clone of RPG-7 and the PG-7VR tandem HEAT warhead named “Al-Yassin”. Thus, these rockets are likely to be used in the attack.

Hamas RPG  clones.jpeg
The footage also shows a Merkava Mk4 main battle tank fitted with a Trophy active protection system. If the tank hit by the attack was indeed Merkava Mk4, the system might not have been able to protect the tank because of clutter from nearby buildings and the rocket being launched from a crowded position, making detection difficult. Another tactic used by Hamas to bypass the active protection systems is firing from very close ranges to leave the least time possible to react. This appears to be Trophy’s weakness in urban warfare.


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