Greek Defence Minister Points out to the Turkish Navy

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Greek Defence Minister Points out to the Turkish Navy
The Greek Minister of Defence Nikolaos Panagiotopoulos participated, Wednesday 17 March, as a keynote speaker in the online event on “Greece’s defence shield as a pillar of stability and development”, organized by the AHEPA. AHEPA is a Greek American civil society organization.

Minister Panagiotopoulos stressed that Greece’s defence shield is a prerequisite for its security and a factor that will allow it to confirm its role as a pillar of peace, security and stability in the broader region.

The Minister of National Defence stressed that the need to upgrade the combat capability and deterrent power of the Armed Forces, especially in a period characterized by elements of tension and crises from asymmetric threats, can be at the same time development with a developmental dimension as it can of the national defence industry with positive implications for the economy.

Greek Defence Minister Points out to the Turkish Navy

Greek Minister talked about air force acquisition programmes. “The first Rafale fighter jet will arrive at Tanagra Air Base in July. These weapons are important for the Greece-Turkey balance of power.” he said and continued, “I think it gives clear superiority now in the air to Greece. At sea, things are quite different. Turkey has made huge steps forward. It has organized its Navy and has modernized its ships in contrast to us.” The Greek minister said, “We have 40-year-old ships. We are talking about a new frigate program. We are still evaluating eight candidates. “

Greek minister stated they are interested in F-35, but the program costs 2.5 billion Euro.

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