Görgün STM’s new Chairman of the Board

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Görgün STM’s new Chairman of the Board
SSB President Professor Haluk Görgün is elected as STM Chairman of the Board. Görgün was appointed Defence Industry Agency (SSB) president on 5 June.

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Former SSB President Professor İsmail Demir was STM’s former Chairman of the Board. As he is appointed to Kardemir, Professor Görgün took over his duties. STM was established in 1991 by the decree of the Defence Industry Executive Committee (SSİK) to provide project management, system engineering, technology transfer, technical and logistical support, and consultancy services to the Presidency of the Republic of Turkiye Presidency of Defence Industry Agency and the Turkish Armed Forces (TSK) in areas that require high technology for the sake of national security. Following Görgün’s appointment to SSB, a wind of change blows at the Turkish Defence Industry’s top management. SSB Vice President Celal Sami Tüfekçi is recently appointed to the Defence Ministry as deputy minister. Tüfekçi will be most likely responsible for MKE Inc and ASFAT Inc. Ahmet Akyol was appointed as CEO of ASELSAN recently. 
STM has broadened its technical and technical knowledge due to the crucial responsibilities it has completed by participating in the Turkish defence industry's national initiatives. STM operates in various fields, including military naval platforms, cybersecurity, tactical mini-UAV systems, radar systems, satellite technologies, command and control systems, certification and consultancy.

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