Görgün: Defence Industry Exceeds $ 10 Billion

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Görgün: Defence Industry Exceeds $ 10 Billion
Turkish defence and aerospace companies signed contracts worth over $ 10 billion 240 million last year.

President of Defence Industry Agency (SSB) Professor Haluk Görgün evaluated the year 2023 for the defence and aviation industry on the social media platform.
Stating that they are moving towards sustainable export targets, Professor Haluk Görgün said:
“We have left behind a new milestone with our record-breaking 2023 defence and aerospace industry exports. Today, we are raising the bar even higher with the new contracts we signed in 2023. Our companies, which produce helicopters, land vehicles, marine vehicles, weapons and ammunition, missile systems, electronic systems and radar systems, especially unmanned aerial vehicles, signed contracts with a total value exceeding $ 10,240 billion in 2023. With the deliveries we will start this year, we will increase our export figures in 2024 and beyond and set new records for our country. We will continue to share our reliable, high-technology products that have proven themselves on the battlefield with friendly and allied countries.”

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