French Aircraft Carrier Charles de Gaulle Returns to Sea

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French Aircraft Carrier Charles de Gaulle Returns to Sea
French Aircraft Carrier Charles de Gaulle Returned to Sea after extensive modernisation efforts.

French Navy “Marine Nationale” announced on its website that the aircraft carrier returned to sea on January 9 after several months of modernisation work. From the catapults to the ship’s hospital, Naval Group has modernised or overhauled several critical pieces of equipment.
The Aircraft carrier returned to sea a few days behind schedule. On Tuesday, January 9, the aircraft carrier Charles-de-Gaulle left its dock at the Arsenal in Toulon for sea tests after its “unavailability for intermediate maintenance” (IEI), which began in March 2023. 

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The work carried out over eight months under the supervision of the Naval Group and supervised by the Fleet Support Service (SSF) enabled it to maintain and modernise its capabilities. They were notably concerned with its combat system, aviation installations, the machines, the on-board hospital, the hull, and the crew living areas. It continues its gradual increase in power, first individually, then accompanied by the on-board air group, before returning to operations with the naval air group (GAN). The carrier should resume service next April.


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