France Constructs Greece’s Second FDI Frigate

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France Constructs Greece’s Second FDI Frigate
Hellenic Navy’s 2nd FDI Frigate future “HS Nearchos” construction continues at full speed in Lorient.

French Naval Group shared the latest developments about the Hellenic Navy’s FDI frigate. The shipyard said, “ We transferred to the dry dock the first pre-outfitted block of the 2nd FDI frigate for the Hellenic Navy in 2023..”

The Hellenic Navy ordered three “Frégate de Défense et d’Intervention” Frigates (FDI) from the French shipyard Naval Group. After the launch of the first FDI frigate, “ Amiral Ronarc’h”, for the Marine Nationale, it was the turn of the first FDI frigate of the Greek Navy, “HS Kimon".

HS Nearchos 2.jpg

The second FDI frigate for the Greek Navy is in an advanced stage of construction, with its first pre-equipped block being transferred to dry dock. The photos show HS Nearchos already in the dry dock in Lorient.

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