FNSS' Shadow Rider Waits for Duty

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FNSS' Shadow Rider Waits for Duty
FNSS presents its Unmanned Ground Vehicle Shadow Rider ready for duty.

FNSS exhibited its Heavy Class Unmanned Ground vehicle (H-UGV) Shadow Rider based on the M113 platform at the IDEF International Defence Industry Exhibition for the first time in 2019. Later, in 2021, the autonomous H-UGV, with increased sensors and situational awareness systems, was exhibited with the software development simulator at the IDEF’21 Exhibition.
The company underlines that the Shadow Rider has landed on the field as an optionally manned combat system with remote control or autonomous capability. The H-UGV has been used as a wingman in an international military live exercise in a real-life operational scenario. According to the video shared, the H-UGV performed manned-unmanned teaming at the exercise. The H-UGV is ready to serve in many missions, especially fire support.

Shadow Rider wingman TurDef.png

The Shadow Rider concept can serve as a command vehicle, tactical deception vehicle and engineer reconnaissance vehicle. Joint operation studies of UGV-UGV and UGV-UAV were also carried out.
FNSS will also present a new concept of H-UGV in which a stretcher has been integrated for casualty evacuation missions. 

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