Flyer Defence introduces “The Beast” at AUSA 2023

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Flyer Defence introduces “The Beast” at AUSA 2023
Flyer Defence has unveiled the Multi-Purpose Mobile Fire Support System (MPMFSS) Flyer 72 tactical vehicle, “The Beast,” at the AUSA 2023 exhibition.

The company showcased a special configuration of the Flyer 72 Heavy Duty ground mobility vehicle. This vehicle integrates electronic warfare and weapon systems for countering drones, radar detection, fire support and high firepower capabilities.
The Beast consists of a Scorpion Shoot and Scoot 120mm Mortar Launcher System, a Leonardo DRS Multi-Mission Hemispheric Radar, a Kongsberg Remote Weapons System and a D-Fend Solutions EnforceAir Anti-Drone System.

AUSA Flyer 72 Mortar TurDef.jpg

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