First Technical Details of MIUS And TB3 are Disclosed

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First Technical Details of MIUS And TB3 are Disclosed
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Baykar Technical Manager (CTO) Selçuk Bayraktar gave information about Baykar's UAV projects. In the "Aviation and Space Summit 2" online event of Gebze Technical University Aviation and Space Club, Baykraktar shared information about two UAVs. Noting that TB2 UAV is currently exported to four countries, Bayraktar said that more than ten countries are interested in the UAV. Some of these countries are very close to finalising the deal.
Noting that the TB3 can be described as the "big brother" of TB2, Bayraktar stated that the TB3 could take off from LHD class ships such as TCG Anadolu and Bayraktar TB3, whose development activities are still ongoing, will have the ability to land and take off from the ship with the help of a crane and rescue net.First Technical Details of MIUS And TB3 are Disclosed Stating that there are versions of both TB2 and TB3 that can fly with SATCOM, according to the mission description and customer requirements, Bayraktar emphasised that customers generally do not prefer SATCOM because of its high cost.According to the presentation made by Bayraktar, the features of Bayraktar TB3 are as follows:1.450 kg max take-off weight24 hours enduranceMaiden flight expected in 2022It will have foldable wingsTurDef learned that the crane would move with an electric motor. According to the planning, when the UAV lands on the platform, it will be caught in the rescue nets. The moving parts of the platform will not be damaged during this process as the propellers are at the rear. Depending on the flight altitude and payload of the UAV, it is aimed to have an operational radius of 2500 km. With this range, the UAV taking off from Turkey can reach the UK, African countries coasted on the Mediterranean Sea, Afghanistan and the Indian Ocean.First Technical Details of MIUS And TB3 are Disclosed MIUSStating that MİUS has been a dream for at least ten years, Selçuk Bayraktar stated that with the development and flight of Akıncı, MİUS is now a much closer platform. Bayraktar stated that they aim to prepare the first prototype of MİUS in 2023.Landing and take-off from TCG Anadolu LHD with the help of catch cables and hooks without the aid of a catapultThe first prototypes will be subsonic, and the following prototypes will have supersonic flight capability.Low radar cross-sectionVertical tails and front horizontal control surfaces (canard)Intelligent Fleet AutonomyTargetted flight of subsonic Prototype: 2023Reminding that MIUS can perform landing and take-off on LHD class ships with TB3, Bayraktar stated they could fly together with TB3 and MIUS. Bayraktar summarised the target features of MIUS as follows.Maximum take-off weight 5.5 Tons.Payload capacity 1.5 Tons (inner bay and underwings)Cruising Time: 5 HoursMaximum Altitude: 40,000 feet/12 kilometersTravel Speed: 800 km/h

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