First Modernised ACV-15 Back in Inventory

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First Modernised ACV-15 Back in Inventory
Turkish Armed Forces Started Receiving Modernised ACV 15
Turkish Armed Forces have taken delivery of the first five modernised ACV-15 (ZMA-15) Armoured Combat Vehicles. A ceremony was held at ASELSAN facilities, and the President of the Turkish Defence Industry Agency, Professor İsmail Demir, attended the event.
The firepower and survivability of the vehicles will be increased in line with modernisation efforts. A Total of 133 ACV-15 will be upgraded. DAF turrets, causing some problems and lack of stabilisation, on the platforms will be replaced with ASELSAN Nefer 25 mm unmanned turret system. Survivability of the ACV-15 is improving with an additional armour package, spall liner, suppression systems and warning receivers. Situational awareness of the vehicles is also upgraded with additional electronic infrastructure. Modernisation efforts are carried out under ASELSAN and FNSS responsibility. ASELSAN is the prime contractor. FNSS, the manufacturer of vehicles, is the sub-contractor on the project. All modernisation workload is carried out at FNSS facilities. Delivery of the last vehicles is planned for 2024.First Modernised ACV-15 Back in InventoryDuring manufacturing by FNSS in the 1990s, Switzerland applied an embargo for guns of ACV-15s. After 135 vehicles, the production line changed to the M811 gun and Dragar solution. Swiss-gunned DAF turrets lack stabilisation and cause problems due to propellant gas leaks into the fighting compartment. Nefer 25 mm unmanned turret offers vehicles modern, stabilised and accurate firing capability. The upgrade cost is around 900 million Turkish Liras.

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