Fincantieri Displays FCx30 Light Frigate Design

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Fincantieri Displays FCx30 Light Frigate Design
Credit: Breaking Defence
Italian Fincantieri, well-known for Carlo Bergamini-class FREMM frigates, put the FCx30 modular frigate design on display at the World Defense Show 2024.

FCx30 is based on the Al-Zubarah-class corvettes of the Qatari Navy. The design heavily resembles the Italian FREMM frigates in looks and philosophy despite being much lighter at a displacement of 3200+ tons.

The frigate can be armed with Aster 30 air defence missiles thanks to long enough VLS cells and supports radars up to the class of Kronos Grand Naval (Used on Carlo Bergamini-class frigates as searching radar). It should always be noted that the systems used mostly depend on user requirements.

FCx30 specs.jpeg

As reported by Breaking Defense, the FCx30 is offered in three configurations like FREMM: Light, Anti-Submarine Warfare, and Full. FREMM has been built in General Purpose (GP), ASW, and GP-e (GP-extended) for comparison. GP is meant to perform AAW and ASuW duties, while ASW includes additional systems such as towed sonar and anti-submarine missiles on top of torpedoes; GP-e is the result of a design revision combining capabilities of both configurations.

With this in mind, it is possible to see a parallel between two frigate designs. Fincantieri might aim to reach export customers with a separate design without significant setbacks to acquiring FREMM frigates. For example, when Egypt bought two Italian FREMMs, Italy had to build two ships instead of the sold frigates initially meant to enter service with the Italian Navy. This design also has export potential due to its lower displacement and costs.


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