Egypt Receives 4th German Submarine

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Egypt Receives 4th German Submarine
In a move to enhance the security of its economic interests and its sea lanes, Egypt celebrated the joining of a German Type 209/1400 submarine (S44) to Egyptian naval forces. The submarines built in ThyssenKrupp Marine Systems will be harboured at the Alexandria Naval Base.

Tamer al-Refai, the spokesman of the Egyptian armed forces, said, “It will promote the naval forces’ battling capabilities, maintain the economic interests in the Red Sea and the Mediterranean Sea, as well as secure the Suez Canal navigation.”Egypt received the first submarine (S41) in December 2016, the second (S42) in August 2017, and the third (S43) in April 2020.“The deal signals deep cooperative relations between Egypt and Germany,” al-Refai added.

Egypt Receives 4th German Submarine

Technical Specifications ofType 209/1400 Submarine

LengthApprox. 62 m
DiameterApprox. 6,2 m
Displacement (surface)Approx. 1,450 t
Displacement (submerged)Approx. 1,600 t

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