DIA will provide consultancy services abroad

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DIA will provide consultancy services abroad
According to the information published in the official newspaper published today, “defence industry consultants” will be appointed in nine countries according to Turkiye’s priorities in the defence industry.
The official gazette published the “Presidential Decree” that allows the Defence Industry Agency (DIA- Formerly the Presidency of Defence Industries) to establish public institutions and organisations in foreign countries.The Agency’s overseas organisation will carry out diplomatic activities in the country of duty and the issues concerning the interest area of the Agency. It will follow, report and evaluate the developments in the defence industry and the relevant legislation in that country, and inform the Agency of the results.DIA will provide consultancy services abroadThe overseas organisation will represent the Agency at bilateral and multilateral international meetings and state institutions held in the defence industry in the designated country.The overseas organisation will explore opportunities for joint R&D, technology acquisition, product development, export to a third country, and similar cooperation projects will contribute to the development and strengthening of communication and cooperation between the two countries’ public and/or private institutions or organisations or companies.It will also monitor and evaluate the implementation of the bilateral agreements, protocols, and memorandums of understanding signed between the country of duty and the defence industry. Defence Industry Consultancy staff will be formed in embassies in nine countries.Defence industry consultants will work in the embassies of Doha/Qatar, Islamabad/Pakistan, Brazil, Jakarta/Indonesia, Baku/Azerbaijan, Kuala Lumpur/Malaysia, Muscat/Oman, Dhaka/Bangladesh, and London/United Kingdom. Some of these consultancies will be accredited to another country. Accordingly, the Doha consultancy will follow the developments in the United Arab Emirates, the Brazilian consultancy to all Latin American countries, the Jakarta consultancy to the Philipines, and the Baku consultancy will follow the developments in Turkmenistan Uzbekistan and Kazakhstan.
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