Dendias: Greece to Invest in Defence Industry

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Dendias: Greece to Invest in Defence Industry
Greek Defence Minister Dendias states they will continue accelerating equipment programmes and investing in the defence industry.

Greek Defence Minister Nikos Dendias published an article on the ministry's website to declare Greece’s defence priorities, which are updated and reshaped according to current requirements.
“Our planning at the Ministry of National Defence has four main axes,” Dendias said. “The first one is the Ukraine war outbreak, which has brought new security challenges and lessons that must be studied or integrated into a national strategy”, he continued.
The second axis is the continuation and acceleration of equipment programs. The program includes the Greek Armed Forces, who have at their disposal the means required to fulfil their mission, taking as well as dealing with older programs that Greece faces.
The third axis is the strengthening of the defence industry, which can become one of the drivers of the development of the Greek economy. “The Defence Industry, if it rises to the occasion, can stimulate innovation, research and job creation while also increasing our defence exports”, Dendias wrote.
He also foresees the cooperation with European industries and the existing European funding sources.
The fourth axis is upgrading the living conditions of the Greek Armed Forces personnel and utilising the military service as a platform for acquiring new certified skills of the conscripts.

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