Dendias: Greece and U.S. co-produce Constellation Frigates

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Dendias: Greece and U.S. co-produce Constellation Frigates
Greek Defence Minister Dendias stated that Greece and the U.S. will co-design and co-produce Constellation class frigates.

Greek Cypriot defence minister of a divided Greek island, Vasilis Palmas, visited the Greek Minister of National Defence, Nikos Dendias. Speaking at the meeting, Dendias made a point about U.S.-Greek relations and said, “I want to refer in particular to the Greek Navy. We are studying the intermediate solution of the LCS offered to us free of charge by the United States of America, but beyond that, for the first time, we are discussing with the United States of America the design, joint design and co-production of the new generation Constellation frigates.

Already, on January 16, 2024, a relevant letter from the U.S. Navy was received by the Naval General Staff, in principle accepting the interest of all of us for the design and co-production of up to 7 new Constellation class frigates in the Greek shipyards.

Therefore, based on this proposal, Greece, if there is an agreement, could participate in this program right from the beginning, that is, from its planning, according to the needs of the Greek Navy, and this could be a giant leap and for the Greek Fleet, but also for the Greek shipbuilding industry.”

Dendias has also stated that Greece will not only have the Rafale, the F-35 and the upgraded Viper F-16. He underlined that there would be a complete change of mentality and doctrine with the introduction of autonomous vehicles in the air, at sea, under the sea, and with the anti-aircraft and anti-drone domes.

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