Defence Top 100: Four Turkish Companies on the List

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Defence Top 100: Four Turkish Companies on the List
US-based “Defense News” published its annual top 100 list for 2022. Four Turkish companies have taken place on the list with the ASFAT Inc surprise.

According to the list, the top ten have remained almost unchanged since last year. The U.S. defence giant Lockheed Martin is number one on the list, while Raytheon Technologies is second. Northrop Grumman has climbed one step up and is listed third. Last year’s third, Boeing is on the fifth. The aviation company continue to suffer from the 737 Max accidents. Raytheon Technologies changed its name to RTX in June 2023.


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The U.S. dominates the list with 55 companies; China has four, the United Kingdom five, France six, the Republic of Korea three, Sweden one, Israel three, Spain two, Brazil one, Japan three, and Germany four companies.
Russia, which was listed 36th with one company in 2022, is not on the list. India, which had two companies in 2022, is not listed in 2023. 
For the Turkish case, three companies have not surprised: ASELSAN, which was 49th last year, climbed two steps and is listed 47th. Turkish Aerospace, which was listed 67th last year, is 58th this year. Roketsan, 86th in 2022, is listed as 80th in 2023. 
Turkish Defence Ministry’s company ASFAT Inc made a fresh start this year. It is listed as the 100th company in the top 100 list. 

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