DEARSAN’s USV at fire tests

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DEARSAN’s USV at fire tests
Istanbul based DEARSAN Shipyard tested its Unmanned Surface Vehicle (USV) weapons systems in Bursa Karacabey. The shipyard invited many observant to the live fire tests.

The USV is called "SALVO" and itcan be adapted to surface warfare, engagement in an asymmetric threat, coast guard duties, operation in littoral & coastal waters, anti-smuggling and anti-drug trafficking, surveillance & ınterception, and search and rescue operation support, and border patrol missions. The USV may have 1 x 12.7 mm. Stabilized Remote Controlled Machine Gun on ASELSAN’s Stamp and 1 x Stabilized Turret Weapon System Roketsan Cirit & L-UMTAS on Roketsan’s Yalman turrets.

DEARSAN’s USV at fire tests

The live fire tests started with Machine Gun and continued with Cirit fires.

Meteksan Savunma and Ares Shipyard’s Ulaq is the first example of Turkish USV works. It is known that there is tremendous competition among companies as Turkey is surrounded by sea.

GENERAL Specifications

Length (Loa) 14.79 m
Beam3.83 m
Draft0.75 m
Max Speed50 kts
Range300 NM


Main Engines2 x Diesel Engine
Propulsion2 x Water Jet
Generator Set1 x Diesel Generator

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