Deal Signed for SİPER Product 1’s Serial Production

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Deal Signed for SİPER Product 1’s Serial Production
Turkish Defence Industry Agency (SSB) signed the deal with ASELSAN, ROKETSAN, for the serial production of HİSAR and SİPER Product 1 air defence systems.

The deal includes:

  • Serial production of the HİSAR A+ low-altitude air defence system.
  • HİSAR O+ medium-altitude air defence system.
  • SİPER Product 1 long-range air defence system. 

Hisar siper 2.jpeg

Serial production of SİPER Product 1 marks a milestone toward placing the last fundamental layer of Turkiye’s air defence structure. In time, SİPER will be improved to have longer-ranged missiles like SİPER Product 2 and anti-ballistic capabilities.

Aside from ground use, SİPER and HİSAR missiles will be fitted on new warships such as İstif-class frigates. İstif-class frigates, through ROKETSAN’s MİDLAS VLS, will be capable of using HİSAR-D, which is a modified HİSAR-RF missile compiled for use with warship CMSs and a SİPER Product 1 missile variant.

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