Black Sea: UAV Challenge Part Two

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Black Sea: UAV Challenge Part Two
Russia recently took down a U.S. MQ-9 Reaper UAV in the Black Sea. In a war with Ukraine, Russia has attempted to take down a much lighter Bayraktar TB-2 over the Black Sea near the coast of Crimea using jet technique wash this time.

Russian Fighter Su-27 had discharged its fuel over MQ-9. This time it passed too close to create turbulence and take TB2 down with a jet wash effect.

About six days ago, two 2 Russian Su-27 fighter jets intercepted the US MQ-9 Reaper UAV over the Black Sea. The Su-27s, which discharged fuel on the Reaper near the Crimean Peninsula, hit the engine propeller of the UAV, and the Reaper crashed into the Black Sea.

This time, a similar incident happened to the Ukrainian Bayraktar TB2 UAV. Again, in the incident that took place near the Crimean Peninsula, a Russian warplane tried to expose the plane to the "jet wash" effect by passing at high speed near Bayraktar TB2 at an altitude of 20,000ft. Bayraktar TB2 lost almost 2000 ft altitude but recovered quickly and continued its flight.

Bayraktar recorded the event with its tail camera. The Russian plane is presumed to be the Su-27.

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