Azerbaijan’s Su-25 Launched Bomb with KGK

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Azerbaijan’s Su-25 Launched Bomb with KGK
Azerbaijan’s Su-25 aircraft was photographed with a KGK guided-kit bomb on the “Spotter Day” of the Anatolian Eagle 2023 Exercise.

Aviation Photographer Cem Doğut photographed the Su-25 carrying a Wing Assisted Guidance Kit (KGK). Using KGK will add long-range, and high-precision hit capability to Azerbaijan’s Su-25 aircraft.

According to social media news in July 2021, there were claims that the Azerbaijan Air Force procured 1,000 lb KGK-83 and 500 lb KGK-82 guidance kits. There is no information about the bomb used on the flight.

SU-25M KGK TurDef.jpg

The KGK converts existing unguided 1000lb Mk83 and 500lb Mk82 general-purpose bombs into air-to-ground long-range smart munitions. Up to now, KGKs have been launched from F-16, F-4E, AKINCI and AKSUNGUR Armed UAVs. Recently, the KGK-84 for 2000 lb Mk84 general purpose bombs has been added to the KGK family.

The Su-25M Aircraft with the tail number 27 launched the KGK. This aircraft has not participated in the exercise as participating aircraft had tail numbers 09 and 25.

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