Atak II to Fly with Turkish Engines in 3 Years

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Atak II to Fly with Turkish Engines in 3 Years
Demir: Atak II will fly with Turkish Engines in 3 years
TUSAŞ's ATAK II Heavy Class helicopter will fly with Turkish engines in three years' time.

President of Defence Industry Agency Professor İsmail Demir attended TUSAŞ's aerial platform ceremony where Turkish fighter and Hürjet were unveiled and demonstrated. President Demir answered questions about the future of Turkish Aviation and its engines. Demir stated that Turkiye prioritised Turkish Fighter TF after the F-35 decision the U.S. made, and the Turkish Atak II heavy-weight helicopter will have its Turkish engines in three years. Demir stated that Turkish Engines Industry (TEI) has the infrastructure to produce engines. The T929 helicopter hasUkrainian Motor Sich two 2,500 horsepower turboshaft TV3-117 engines. Turkiye has ordered 14 of those engines.

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