ASFAT Modernised Nakhchivan Military Complex

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ASFAT Modernised Nakhchivan Military Complex
ASFAT completed the modernisation of the Nakhchivan Military Complex in Azerbaijan. Turkish and Azerbaijani Presidents officially opened the facility.

The modernised Nakhchivan Military Complex, opened by President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan and Azerbaijani President Ilham Aliyev, was put into service.

The Nakhchivan Military Factory Equipping Project, which started within the scope of the agreement signed between the Ministry of Defence of the Republic of Azerbaijan and the Military Factory and Shipyard Management Joint Stock Company (ASFAT), was completed in seven months. With the modernised facility, the maintenance-repair, renewal and modernisation needs of land vehicles belonging to the Azerbaijani army can be fulfilled within the factory without being dependent on foreign sources.

Within the project's scope, ASFAT carried out the necessary inspections at the maintenance facility of the Nakhchivan Autonomous Republic and determined the requirements. The planning of section-by-section required machinery, bench and other equipment requirements for the sustainability of the activities were presented to the Nakhchivan Army Command and the project was started within the framework of the agreement.

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The project primarily aimed to make the facility infrastructure responsive to needs. In this context, issues such as electrical infrastructure, special floor construction, heating system, crane system installation, and the installation of various workshops were planned and completed.

Simultaneously with these activities, machinery, equipment, bench and power group test systems, which can be produced within Turkish military factories and used in the maintenance-repair, renewal and modernisation activities of land vehicles, were also delivered to the Nakhchivan Military Factory by ASFAT within the scope of the project. Most of the equipment was produced in military factories with domestic and national resources.

The project also brought to the agenda the modernisation of Azerbaijan's other military factories and maintenance-repair facilities. ASFAT conducts preliminary studies for other facilities with the Azerbaijani Ministry of Defence. ASFAT offers similar modernisation projects to other friendly and allied countries for military factories and maintenance-repair facilities, which are some of the most critical assets to ensure sustainability in the activities of armies.

Turkish Defence Minister Yaşar Güler and President of Defence Industry Agency Professor Haluk Görgün attended the opening.

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