ASELSAN Unveils ALP Radar’s Features

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ASELSAN Unveils ALP Radar’s Features
ASELSAN revealed the specifications of ALP radar to be used as a part of the SİPER Long Range Air Defence System.

ALP, (Formerly called AİR-Low Altitude Radar in Turkish), is dubbed All Altitude Radar, with a range of 200+ km, is capable of tracking fighter aircraft, UAVs, helicopters, cruise missiles, ballistic targets like rockets and mortar rounds.
The multifunctional S-band radar features a separate weapon-locating mode, allowing for firing and landing points to be calculated and the counter-fire to be directed. No details on how the mode switching works have been given. This can be attributed to the secrecy aspect of electronic warfare.


ALP will serve as a gap-filler in the SİPER’s battery structure, especially against low-altitude threats such as helicopters, UAVs, and cruise missiles, as well as ballistic munitions. This coupled with a close-in air defence asset capable of C-RAM (Counter Rocket, Artillery, Mortar), can protect the SİPER batteries from MLRS and precision-guided weapons.
Newly announced weapon-locating capabilities can be traced back to ASELSAN’s first radar intended for the sole purpose of SURALP (Formerly called STR), Weapon Locating Radar.
SURALP’s range has also increased to 250 km from the announced 100 km. Unlike ALP, SURALP will serve a more generalized role to provide situational awareness to ground units and direct fire support units.

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