ASELSAN’s New Goal is to Grow in Exports

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ASELSAN’s New Goal is to Grow in Exports
Turkish defence giant ASELSAN will receive state support to open to competitive world markets. The company is titled ASELSAN Foreign Trade Capital Company, with the communiqué published in the Official Gazette today.

ASELSAN, which has been on the world’s “TOP 100” defence company list for a long time, but could not rise from the middle to the higher ranks, is putting new steps into practice in its strategy. The company, whose first subject is to meet the needs of the Turkish Armed Forces, does not leave this priority but increases the importance it attaches to exports. Export companies are given the status of “Foreign Trade Capital Company” to fight in the highly competitive environment.

Foreign trade capital companies can be defined as companies with special status that primarily benefit from state aid to develop and promote their exports and increase their market share. In this way, the company will have the right to benefit from low-interest loans in exports, convenience in VAT refunds, low-rate letters of guarantee and state support. Such companies benefit from Eximbank loans with a lower interest rate. The general practice in the world, defence companies can not be the beneficiaries of Eximbank loans.

Official Gazette ASELSAN.pdf

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