ASELSAN Reminds the MANYAS Project

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ASELSAN Reminds the MANYAS Project
ASELSAN reminded its Magnetic Trace Copying System project MANYAS.

ASELSAN reminded the MANYAS project on its social media accounts. Some types of underground explosives and mines are triggered by magnetic signals created by military vehicles.
MANYAS copies the magnetic signals created by vehicles and mimics that signal as if a car is on the surface by ensuring that mines with magnetic detonators are destroyed safely away from the vehicle on which the system is installed by deception.
The system, which can be integrated into armoured vehicles and tanks, can also operate in the most challenging environmental and ambient conditions. 
A photo of the Ejder 6X6 armoured vehicle was used to promote the MANYAS project. The vehicle belongs to Nurol Makina, but its production line was closed long ago. The photo used in social media share might signal a new unmanned ground vehicle project. 

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