ASELSAN Reaches $ 10 Billion Backlog

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ASELSAN Reaches $ 10 Billion Backlog
ASELSAN CEO Ahmet Akyol announced that orders increased along with platform exports and reached a backlog capacity of $ 10 billion for the first time in 2023.

Participating in Bloomberg HT’s live broadcast at the “take-off” entrepreneurship event held in Istanbul, Akyol gave information about ASELSAN’s financial situation and new strategies.
Pointing out that Turkiye has started exporting platforms and systems and has turned its sights abroad, Akyol stated that ASELSAN broke its record with a backlog capacity of 10 billion dollars in 2023.
Stating that ASELSAN now focuses on producing advanced technologies and leaves sub-technologies to SMEs, Akyol underlined that they established support centres for SMEs and have brought 3400 domestic companies to ASELSAN standards within the framework of this mission. He emphasised that as a result of these studies, 755 products were produced domestically; the companies earned foreign currency and prevented the outflow of 1 billion dollars abroad.
Stating that they are running an entrepreneurship service called “deep defence”, Akyol noted that they have established an entrepreneurship centre on an area of 35 thousand square meters in Istanbul Technopark in the new period and that when this centre is put into service, they will provide offices, mentors, design and marketing support to entrepreneurs, and will give further participation in the supply chain in the field of defence. Akyol said, “We will bring qualified entrepreneurs into the Turkish ecosystem.”

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