ASELSAN Integrates EASA Radar into Aircraft

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ASELSAN Integrates EASA Radar into Aircraft
ASELSAN CEO Ahmet Akyol announced that the EASA Murad radar has been integrated into a jet aircraft and AKINCI UCAV.

Akyol, who shared the company’s one-year work under “Z Report” at the end of 2023, gave information about the “Murad” radar. In Turkish daily life, "Z Report" means the end-of-the-day report of the cashier. 
According to the information provided by Akyol, flight tests of the AESA Radar are expected to continue in 2024. Akyol did not share any information about the aircraft, but ASELSAN will integrate this radar into the F-16 aircraft that will be modernised within the Özgür Project. The company exhibited its EASA Radar with F-16 aircraft at IDEF 2023.

ASELSAN EASA MURAD Radar F-16 Ozgur Project TurDef.jpg

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