ASELSAN Gained New Local Production Capabilities

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ASELSAN Gained New Local Production Capabilities
ASELSAN, the Turkish defence company, continues its studies to increase domestic production capabilities on critical components.

The company gained domestic production capability for another foreign-supplied critical component. Uncooled shortwave infrared sensor sets will be produced in Turkiye, according to ASELSAN. Turkiye uses such sensors on many major products. The system is developed as a result of studies of the company's Microelectronics, Guidance and Electro-Optics Sector Department. Microbolometer infrared sensors are also developed and will be produced in Turkiye as well.

Shortwave uncooled infrared sensors provide operation capability in fog or smoke environments. Microbolometer infrared sensors operate in thermal imagers and infrared seekers. Longwave equipment offers low-energy consumption thanks to uncooled architecture.

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