ASELSAN exports Zargana, FAT completed

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ASELSAN exports Zargana, FAT completed
ASELSAN will provide the torpedo countermeasure system for surface and submarine platforms, one of the most critical measures in the modernization of the AGOSTA 90B submarine project, undertaken by STM for the Pakistani Navy.

Factory Acceptance Tests (FAT) of the Zargana Torpedo Countermeasure System for Submarines, developed nationally by ASELSAN within the scope of the Mid-Life Modernization (MLU) Project Pakistan Navy Agosta 90B Class Submarines, have been completed.

ASELSAN exports Zargana, FAT completed

The FAT was also carried out within the scope of the integration of Zargana with Indonesian submarines.

Turkish Navy introduced torpedo countermeasure solutions for submarines with the Zoka Acoustic jammers and decoys and they are delivered to the Indonesian Navy in 2019 and 2020. Zargana, a combination of the Launcher System, Decision Support System and Zoka Acoustic jammers and decoys Subsystems, is exported for the first time.

Zargana enables the determination of the most appropriate evasion tactic against the torpedo attacking the submarine by using the target and environment data obtained from the submarine and programmatically launches acoustic decoys and jammers from the launchers located on the port and starboard according to the determined tactic. ZARGANA System comprises; quick reaction capability, adaptable launching cell configuration as per user requirements up to 24 launching cells, single and salvo launching capabilities, high level of redundancy, bubble-free launching.

ZARGANA System uses ZOKA Acoustic jammers and decoys. Acoustic jammer is a broadband high-power acoustic noise generator which covers all operating frequency bands of classical and modern acoustic homing torpedoes operating in passive, active or combined homing modes. Acoustic decoys are aimed to deceive incoming torpedoes by emulating the dynamic and acoustic behaviours of the submarine.


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