ASELSAN Denies the UAE Claims

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ASELSAN Denies the UAE Claims
ASELSAN made a public announcement today denying the claims about selling some part of the company to the United Arab Emirates (UAE). The rumours have started with the official visit of the UAE to Turkey at the highest level. On Monday, the second round of rumours indicated that a UAE delegation visited the Presidency of Defence Industries and ASELSAN. As a response to ongoing rumours, ASELSAN made the following declaration.

Allegations about our ASELSAN with unknown origin are expressed in some media. We want to state that these allegations about our Company, which was founded with the donations of our people and whose majority share is owned by the Turkish Armed Forces Foundation, bear no truth.

All our legal rights are reserved against false claims about ASELSAN, the source of pride of our people, and against any news and posts made by citing these claims as a source.

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