ASELSAN Delivers DORUK-2 E/O to the Turkish Armed Forces

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ASELSAN Delivers DORUK-2 E/O to the Turkish Armed Forces
ASELSAN delivered DORUK-2 Electro-Optical Sensor Systems to the Turkish Armed Forces for the first time.

According to ASELSAN General Manager Ahmet Akyol’s social media post, DORUK-2 electro-optical sensor systems were delivered to the Turkish Armed Forces for reconnaissance and surveillance. Akyol said, “DORUK-2 will add strength to the heroic Turkish soldiers in the border station and border security activities, cross-border operations, directing artillery units, reconnaissance and surveillance.”
DORUK-2 is an improved version of the DORUK system. In this context, the system can be used by reconnaissance and surveillance, artillery support, special forces and law enforcement units. DORUK has features such as automatic image processing and improvement, real-time target coordinate calculations, internal image/video recording, image/video recording on USB, RS232/RS422/Ethernet interfaces, data transfer via radio, high-resolution OLED screen and easily replaceable battery.
One thousand DORUK Systems and 960 TİMSAH Thermal Weapon Sights produced by ASELSAN were delivered to the security forces.

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