ASELFLIR-410 Integrated On T129 ATAK Helicopter

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ASELFLIR-410 Integrated On T129 ATAK Helicopter
TUSAŞ Helicopter Executive Vice President Mehmet Demiroğlu demonstrates the T129 to Niger's Prime Minister Ali Mahamane Lamine Zeine. President of Defence Industry Agency Professor Haluk Görgün listens the dialogue
In a photo of Niger’s Prime’s visit to TUSAŞ, a T129 attack helicopter fitted with an ASELFLIR-410 electro-optical system was spotted.

Despite only the back of the electro-optical system being seen, the shape of the gimbal and positions of the bolts suggest that ASELFLIR-410 is integrated into the T129 ATAK attack helicopter.

The current electro-optical system, ASELFLIR-300T, weighs 95 kg. This has caused an addition of weight on the tail to balance the electro-optics weight. ASELFLIR-410 has improved performance and a lower weight at slightly more than 57 kg.


ASELFLIR-410 is a militarized version of the ASELFLIR-400 electro-optical system with a laser designator to guide missiles like CİRİT and UMTAS. ASELFLIR-400/410 family of electro-optics are primarily intended for helicopter platforms but can be integrated on land platforms upon need.

The new electro-optical system’s performance parameters are listed as:

  • MWIR Camera Resolution: 1024x768 px
  • SWIR Camera Resolution: 640x512 px
  • Day Camera Resolution: 1920x1080 px
  • Laser Rangefinder Range: 30 km
  • Laser Designator Range: 30 km

For comparison, ASELFLIR-300T only features an LWIR camera with 1440x576 px resolution and a laser designator/rangefinder with a range of 20 km. The day camera has to be integrated in place of the laser designator.

The new optic has a wider range of sensor options and a significantly longer-ranged laser designator. This will be important for future munitions with longer ranges like UMTAS-GM, which will have a range of 20 km for helicopter-based launch.

ASELFLIR-410 was previously integrated into ROKETSAN’s KMC-U weapon system in place of the foreign electro-optic. KMC-U consists of a missile launcher unit with two slots and a 7.62 mm machine gun. The mast-mounted electro-optics allow for targeting behind the cover, increasing survivability.


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