Argentina’s New Leader Aims to Strengthen Military

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Argentina’s New Leader Aims to Strengthen Military
Argentinian President Javier Milei prioritises military modernisation in Argentina, navigating economic complexities.

Despite a severe economic crisis, Argentina’s newly elected President, Javier Milei, will have to fortify the country’s defence capabilities. Pledging military modernisation during the election campaign, President Milei faces the daunting task of fulfilling this costly promise in the midst of Argentina’s challenging economic conditions.
The nation’s chronic issues, including strained relations with the United Kingdom stemming from the Falkland Islands War and the U.K.’s weapon embargo, add complexities to President Milei’s vow to modernise Argentina’s military.
Throughout his campaign, President Milei emphasised the importance of improved military training, the incorporation of new technologies, and the revitalisation of defence policies in alignment with the geopolitical environment. Additionally, he outlined a new approach to strengthening collaborations with the U.S. and other Western nations.
In his initial statements upon taking office, President Milei acknowledged the country’s funds scarcity, announcing forthcoming austerity measures. Addressing long-standing economic challenges such as the devaluation of the Argentina peso and high inflation, he expressed a commitment to long-term solutions.
As part of the early signals of the new government’s shift towards Western alignment, reports suggest that two Soviet-made Mil Mi-17 helicopters from the Argentina Air Force inventory will be sent to Ukraine.

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