Akyol Underlines ASELSAN’s Role in Export

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Akyol Underlines ASELSAN’s Role in Export
ASELSAN CEO Ahmet Akyol shared information about ASELSAN’s role in defence and aerospace export following SSB President Professor Haluk Görgün's export list.

ASELSAN CEO Akyol published his views on social media accounts. He stated that ASELSAN supports exports directly and indirectly. He said, “We continue to work both to support direct exports and to provide technological superiority to our national platforms with products that make a difference in their field and have high added value.

Under the leadership of our Defense Industry Agency, we contributed to the growth of our country’s defence industry with a total of $ 304 million in exports, 108 $ million directly and 196 $ million through our platform manufacturers.

We signed a new export contract worth $ 601 million in 2023. We will continue on our way with the export-oriented growth target in the coming period.”

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